I have recently been reminded of Earl Nightingale’s vinyl recording called The Strangest Secret which is coinciding with such amazing grace and synchronicity for me today that sharing is inevitable!

“right where you stand, on the ground you are, in the place that you are, you are standing on acres of diamonds; acres of diamonds that are just below the surface of where you are standing. They are below the surface of the way you think about things.”

“They are below the surface of perceptions that we may hold or paradigms that we may live from. But just below this surface are ideas that will generate opportunities, financial support, relationships, a life that you have been longing to live.”

The amazing grace and synchronicity is that a dear friend from Australia is planning a friend-trip to my sacred ground of habitation and I have invited him to bring his Acres of Diamonds!  He is a World-Renowned Master Diamond Cutter that has just returned from a business consulting trip in Hong Kong, will gather his precious gems (double-entendre!) together from the coveted Argyle Diamond Mines in Australia where he is an Executive and with the finest quality available on earth and all the colours of the rainbow will proceed to California’s West Coast in July where the party will begin!  Interested in this guarded secret?  Just let me know….

However, the true radiance of this Master Diamond Cutter comes from way below the surface through the ideas that clearly create the substance of his entire being and therefore, his incredible success.  Shining through every pore exudes his integrity, precision, and honesty with an absolutely brilliant sense of humor, Aussie style!

I am also deeply reminded of the First Master Diamond Cutter himself, Christ Jesus, who so eloquently carved the Diamond Sermon out of the Word for all mankind to successfully live by within the harmonizing rhythm of the One Song also known as the Universe.  Within all its inherent blessedness and authenticity originally created when diamonds were first and foremost a sparkling idea held within the very bosom of Love as each one of us.

So, all of this wonderful enthusiasm of this divinely influenced trip half-way around the world for a long-awaited visit and considering the nature of his chosen field of endeavor caused me also to prayerfully again think about our one world with its collapsing financial infrastructure and the inherent reasons.

Financial models have been unsuccessful across the globe because of a lack of built in ethics from a sound moral foundation for the good of the citizens of the world!  This strong foundation is supplied from strong spiritual consciousness built-up from ideas of wholeness – and yes, a paradigm shift is absolutely necessary to meet the “already in-place” millennial shift that has occurred.

Do we not even have an inkling that this is the reason for constant failures on all levels?  We cannot go back to outdated models as they will continue to and should fail!

All peoples have the rights of freedom from anything that would shackle and restrain human rights including the false foundation of the world’s agreed upon methods of monetary means of exchange which breeds greed, slavery, and myriad forms of self-destruction, although not clearly seen as so, else it would stop!

Patience and Love will have their perfect work and it may look like destruction because it is the old paradigm breaking down to make room for all that is true and right for each individual – with equanimty.  Yes, we have much to learn from each other as we are all equally equipped yet with diverse gifts to magnify the whole idea of One Infinite Harmonious Being.  “The miracle, to human sense, is divine Love, and the grand necessity of existence is to gain the true idea of what constitutes the kingdom of heaven in man.” Mary Baker Eddy

Ideas constitute the kingdom of heaven in man!  Paint your mind-scape with Acres of Diamonds as ideas and as originally intended and you will discover new lands of beauty that are wearable art forms seen in the shining faces of renewal, piercing clarity of eyes, and regenerated streams of focus.

Rejoice with me, we have found the true Diamond Mine!

And if possible, join the party in July beloveds!


My first piece on how a Call to Action evolves consciousness, brought this beautifully written letter regarding the handling of breast cancer to the forefront.  After assimilating its content and the potential impact for such great good that it carries, I asked its author, Susie MacFarlane, if I might share its divine message.

It is not only a great example of a practical expression of a Call to Action, it is a Call for human consciousness to evolve.  Remembering Love (aka the Venus symbolism) is the answer to all questions in a tele-finalistic way or even Biblically stated, “the first shall be last and the last first” wherein Love and its divine ideas shall be seen as the only way out of materialistic – low density thinking.

With high hopes that the following inspires you to respond to your passions as a Call to Action:

Thanks Linn for a beautiful piece. I especially like the last paragraph.  I thought you might like to see my latest call for action. Love can transform intentions into a purer path.

October7, 2009
National Breast Cancer Foundation
2600 Network Blvd
Suite 300
Frisco, TX 75034

Dear Friends,

I know you are doing all that you know to do to help heal and save lives. But I believe there is a better way in which you could be ever so much more healing and effective.

Through your advertising and promotion the words breast cancer have been seared into the national thought. It is hard to mention the word breast without immediately thinking cancer. How tragic that one of the most beautiful parts of the female form which represents the nurturing and mothering love of women and has been the sensuous delight of artists throughout the ages, has been turned into a fearful and deformed image for men and women alike.

What we think is so important to what we experience. Even the Bible says “as a man thinketh so is he.” I urge you to turn your campaign around. Turn the pink ribbon upside down so that it forms a V at the top, a V for victory. Then get rid of the word cancer in the name of your organizations and publicity. No one who really thinks about it wants to be part of an organization that calls itself breast cancer. Instead call yourself the Beautiful Boobs Foundation or beautiful breasts or whatever positive image you like.

Tell the world you have turned the corner and are restoring the beautiful ideas of the female form back to women. I guarantee you that you will allay much fear and terror which are the seeds of illness and discouragement. You will be a blessing to women instead of scaring them to death.

Mother Teresa once said that she would never be part of a protest march against war. But when they have a march for peace, then she would join in.

Sincerely and hopefully,

Susie MacFarlane


As a side note, this letter reminding and outlining the beauty of the female form and what it divinely represents was not answered nor were the copies sent to newpapers picked up for publication.

It would appear that there is far too much money to be made by keeping the old format of fear in place including training up our children in this false system of reference through extreme media attention, famous faces and entire athletic teams, 5, 10, 15k walks, and all the hoopla to promote this horrific dis-ease in lieu of easing with the true comfort that promotes healing.

Even those that have been televised as “survivors”  have not necessarily done so after the “interview”.  A dear friend’s fear was never effectively allayed and she passed 3 days later – but that is another story!

This is a Call to Action for us all to evolve into a better frame of reference for authentic consciousness shifting to occur!  Will you answer this Call?


Linn A. Moffett

Have you received the call yet?  The very specific Call to Action, of course.

Did it come to you through a ring tone, text message, social media event, or the sharp spiritual arrow of awakening that pierced your heart and stirred your spirit to such a degree that you became conscious.  Conscious that humanity’s freedoms, as a whole, were being withheld, purposely manipulated under the great guise of lust and greed.   This may have even jarred you from complacency or the status quo with an impact so large that you felt the only action was to revolt, to force a rebellion for a much needed transformation.

That was certainly my initial response early on when I marched against every inconsistency to humanity’s right to freedoms.  That even included an individual’s right to choose to go to war, a war that I was passionately against.

Certainly when this Call comes through whatever medium, it can no longer be denied, swept under the rug, or disguised.  The masks, and there may be many layers, are actually asking to be destroyed through their various patterns of the abuse of human decency.

So, the larger question remains.  What is the most effective method of answering this Call to Action?

Since my earlier days of revolution, I have discovered a much more effective method of evolution!  Because that is what the Call is actually all about.  It is a call to evolve, to develop and grow spiritually to advance all nations, under whatever banner!

Within both terms the answer is hidden in plain site ~ evol ution, r evol ution.  Love is the only answer!   (If not immediately apparent, place a mirror up to the words and now up to your very soul ~ for re-solving, translating the evil into true live-ing experience.)

This is not just a play on words, this method of handling the core functions of evil is very definitely a mental engagement because reality cannot be inverted or transversed.  Reality is, in fact, scientifically acknowledged as a Self-organizing, living Principle that operates according to its own set of standards, its own laws.

As we consciously align with those standards, we may experience interim fluctuations as the process develops our own understanding into grander modes of action.  Is our activity inspired or ego driven?  Be careful…the ego does don different masks through the evolutionary process of the states and stages of development!  But, be assured that with a pure heart that maintains a desire for being identified with the one defining Principle and listening deeply to its message – the Call that guides ones efforts into the environ of effective activity and also provides safety in the face of warring elements – is irresistibly and irrevocably victorious!

Therefore, it is not an either/or question.

Love divine is the only attractor in the field of all humanity that Calls one to action, provides individual ways to participate in the collective activity of demonstrating itself  (Love) with the full power of manifestation that is tender, kind, most loving and whole.  We may choose to participate for smooth evolution or remain in rebellion as a recalcitrant child that may appear as a revolution.  Either way, Love and its purposeful evolution wins with the effective reduction of evil into its native nothingness!


Linn A. Moffett